Vinext was born in 2015 thanks to an extraordinary heritage of knowledge, know-how and skills. Its commitment is to provide, through research and testing, products and technologies and capable of creating a real competitive advantage to the viticultural sector.


In Vinext we know the necessity of a more direct approach to sustainability and circular economy models: for this reason, we focused our activity towards products and technologies capable of transforming the climate changes challenges and the production by-products and wastes issues into new business and saving opportunities for companies.


In line with this challenge, we also offer the agri-food sector innovative solutions and customised consultancy for the recovery/reuse of white and grey waste waters, black waste waters treatments before descarding in surface waters, the sequestration and valorisation of CO2 produced during processing and the creation of soil improvers, fertilisers and compounds with a high natural biochemical value from production waste, as well as the application of new polymers for soil water management.


“Back to the essential without sacrificing technological innovation”.

Respecting the environment, the vineyard and the wine. Seeking sustainable solutions responding to the winemaker’s needs, with clarity and simplicity.



Vinext has been ISO 9001 SGS certified since 2020.

SGS Certificate

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